Document Storage Solutions

FDA UK offer professionally managed document storage solutions for your business. Our services act as an extension to your business, assisting with rather than creating administration.

All our archiving services include:

Why Use Offsite Storage?

Safe & secure document storage is vital for businesses. The peace of mind presented by knowing that your document storage & management is being handled by professionals is valuable.  You know that your documents & records are safely stored and can always be retrieved now & in the future.

The three main reasons why businesses need FDA's offsite storage services are:

  • Compliance or legislation which forces the retention of documents and records for long periods of time
  • You require a more structured file storage solution
  • Simply, because you’ve run out of space!

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Either way, FDA UK has the facility to store your files and boxes in the correct conditions for any required period of time.

With our barcode document management system, retention policies are strictly managed to ensure you don't pay to store your documents and records any longer than is necessary – for your convenience and peace of mind.