Fireproof Storage

Following feedback from our clients, FDA UK has installed a walk-in vault that is constructed from fireproof panels offering up to 2 hours’ fire protection for vital files and documents such as Wills and Deeds.

This vault is fully racked to accommodate our standard storage boxes, all of which are identified with a unique barcode and logged on our tracking database and then placed inside a protective sleeve prior to being placed onto the racking.

How can it work for you?

  • Our fireproof vault is situated inside our secure warehouse – to which only FDA UK staff have access
  • The fireproof file storage vault is constructed from panels offering 2 hour fire protection that also limit heat transfer
  • As with all our document storage solutions, we will collect and retrieve your documents as required and deliver them direct to your office
  • Storing your documents off-site reduces the risk of damage to your documents.
  • Placing files into our vault is cheaper than buying a fireproof cabinet!

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